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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fairytale Competition

To celebrate the general repair of both of sites (Sub-Culture Junkie & Memoirs of a Norm) i have decided to hold a little competition. The header of Memoirs of a Norm has been changed to include a theme. Answer this question:

From what classic fairy tale has the theme appropriated from? And send the answer to where a random contestant who has answered correctly will recieve a mystery prize.

Entries close by the 25th of February 2008
I plan to update the layout of the site and reformat the links rather soon

Someone is going to uni....guess who!!!!!

It pleasures me to announce however late it may be, that i have been accpeted to obtain a Bachelor of Communication, where i will major in Journalism at the University of Western Sydney. The UAI needed for the course was 70 and thanks be to miracles that was attainable through flexible means.

The course involves 3 years full time study and an extra year for the honours program which i will also participate myself in. This whole process for tertiary learning is extremely exciting but intimidating, i am absolutely giddy, in a state of suspense that i could figuratively wet myself!!!!!

However Penrith is the only campus which offers my course, where i will have to travel a total of 5 hours each day, how exciting!

UWS was my only option as other courses had a extremely high UAI or were in another state. So Mary Magdalene a supposed prostitute got into the bible and i got into university!!!!!

I primarily want to be involved in print journalism since i can express myself elaborately, but am unsure whether i want to report about topical events in the world or about the entertainment industry

i am not going to start a new label for uni, so it will be classed under school. I want to keep a short list of categories that are neat unlike the problem i had with SCJ, where they had to be removed for a efficient layout.

posting thoughts

It has been quite some time since i have blogged and actually wrote a proper one, not just one to make a quick update or to fill up space. It troubles me that although i care about it on some level it does not motivate me to involve myself in it any longer.

Perhaps its just one of the perks of having this Japanese personal sites, that it would remain entertaining provided that it has content at a good level (i think i have a reasonably stake in that) or a portal/bulletin board for the happenings of my life in which to update traffic and friends of MOAN (Memoirs Of A Norm!

The fact is that i only have the interest to work on one journal, which happens to be a beautifully bound one which i confess my heart in and looks like a classical text from a old historian! So i should warn thee that updates will no longer be regular as first envisioned but a mere list of events companioned with some detail.

So a post a few times a month is all that will suffice for my current standing so expect nothing more and nothing next. Hopefully i can move myself to update content equally. It seems like another seldom occasion of only time will tell. So farewell, i'll meet you then!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

New backgrounds

I have added an array of cute backgrounds for you to use on your desktop. They can be found in the 'you' section. Just follow the link on your right in the sidebar.

***more stuff to come

Thursday, November 8, 2007

i tuned 18

As of Wednesday i turned 18 years of age, which in Australia gives me the right to legally drink, vote, go to nightclubs etc yadda yadda but i had an exam on my bday and an exam the day after so it translates into exam +study+bday cake+sleep +monotonous day!!!!!

But i got some money from the grandparents and a new iphone which is available next year in Australia but i have it and some versace jewellery from my parents so a good intake this year!!!! so very pleased, obviously

could links get any uglier....and a better excuse to write for a post

i really do need to find a way to organise my links in the sidebar they look attrocious obviously click to enlarge but why the need?